Season 2 Ep 4: Hugh Bowman talks Sydney and Hong Kong racing. Did Golden Sixty ever leave? Dye’s Genius & Slaughter

Season 2 Ep 3: HK Champion Douglas Whyte talks openly. Dye’s Genius & Slaughter

Season 2 Ep 2: The Return of Luke Currie. Damian Lane on Dubai. Dye’s Genius & Slaughter

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Hutchi’s Assessment of Golden Sixty

Ep 5: Vincent Ho on champ Golden Sixty. The HK Handicapper. Dye’s Genius or Slaughter

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Ep 3: Moreira Clears The Air. What’s Next For Schofield? Dye’s Genius & Slaughter

Ep 2: Zac Purton discusses trials, HK class system, Dye’s Genius or Slaughter.

Ep 1: Meet Richo, Hutchi, & RS Dye, David Hayes talks Nervous Witness