Hutchi Makes Sha Tin Meeting 77 One To Savour!

Jason Tan




Sunday is for Hong Kong racing and the 77th meeting of the season was certainly one to savour for Hutchi’s Honkers’ members!

Hutchi put on a clinic by finding a series of horses to back, at great prices, which got the racing luck required to deliver those who followed his betting strategy for the meeting a staggering return of +55 units at over 200% PoT.

“To be frank, I’ve felt that the form and my ratings have been where I want them to be, but no matter how good it all is, with Hong Kong racing you still need the right breaks for things to come together like they did on Sunday.”

Hutchi went on to say, “betting on horse racing seriously can often be a grind, with small wins hopefully being greater than even smaller losses, but the key is to have enough big results during a season to outweigh any strip-outs. The reality is, you just don’t want to miss the big days, they are the gravy.”

Well, there was more than enough sauce on Sunday, which sets things up nicely for a strong finish to the season with 11-meetings remaining!

Recapping the horses that won for HH:

Race 1: Royal Agility ($7.00 BC, $7.10 Tote)

Race 3: Tuchel ($3.20BC, $2.95 Tote)

Race 4: Gang Of Brothers ($5.50 BC, $5.40 Tote)

Race 7: Ace One ($14.00 BC, $7.20 Tote)

Race 8: Alcari ($19.00 BC, $12.20 Tote)

Race 10: Lucky Sweynesse ($7.50 BC, $6.10 Tote)

Racing continues at Happy Valley on Wednesday.


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