Season 2 Ep 2: The Return of Luke Currie. Damian Lane on Dubai. Dye’s Genius & Slaughter.

Jason Tan


S2 Ep2: The Luke Currie Return. Lane on Dubai. Dye’s Genius & Slaughter.

Brought to you by, Richo, Hutchi & R S Dye preview Hong Kong racing. Luke Currie, joins the team to discuss his recovery from a race fall and his plan to return to riding. Damian Lane joins Hutch from Dubai to talk about World Cup night, which has World Pool betting!

**This Week:**

  1. Out the gate: How strong was the HK Derby win of Romantic Warrior?
  2. Genius or Slaughter: What rides has R S Dye found this week, for the ‘Ocky’ and ‘Veandercross’?
  3. HK Racing School: Who are the main participants of Hong Kong racing?
  4. Star Power: Luke Currie discusses his injury and return to racing. Damian Lane discuss Dubai World Cup night and Hutchi introduces the World Pool.
  5. Sunday is for Hong Kong Racing: Get the best bets from Hutchi and R S Dye.


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