The Triple Trio S3 Ep3: Harry Bentley forging his HK career. Genius or sort of Slaughter?

Jason Tan


S3 Ep3: Harry Bentley forging his career. Genius or ‘sort of’ Slaughter?

Brought to you by, Terry Bailey subs in for Richo and joins Hutchi & R S Dye preview Hong Kong racing. British Jockey Harry Bentley explains how he is forging his HK life. R.S. Dye presents Genius or Slaughter, Hutch provides his horses to follow and they both try to stay lit with winners!

**This Week**

  1. Out The Gate: Terry Bailey leads Hutch and RS to present the latest racing news pieces.
    • Moreira not riding on Sunday and Teetan also not riding Sunday after missing Wednesday as well with a Thyroid issue.
    • Purton and Teetan rode trebles on Sunday.
    • Angus Chung rides his first HK winner.
  2. Hutchi’s SID File: Hutchi assesses horses to follow from the week of HK racing.
  3. Shane’s “Veandercross” and “Ocky” rides of last week: slaughter or genius?
  4. Star Power – Harry Bentley: Establishing himself in Hong Kong.
  5. Sunday is for Hong Kong racing: picking through the form leading into the weekend of Hong Kong racing. Previewing races 3, 8, 9 & 10.


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